My graduation thesis thing

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Le Thesis

This is my graduation thesis, feel free to poke around and tell me what an idiot I am.

It comes out of a project I slowly started working on a while ago: https://github.com/Swizec/Generative-poetry

Some recaps of general research in this field are on my blog:

Le Goals

To implement a system that, given a corpora of poetry, can learn how to write its own poetry on par so that a layman observer cannot distinguish a generated poem from one written by a poet.


Parameters to be learned:

Most of this basically requires a way to syllabify text, which I believe can be achieved by finding a good substring cover of the corpora with strings adhering to the C*V+C* pattern.

Semantically the system needs to


The above parameters of a poem should be constructed into some sort of DNA from which poems can then be generated. It is important to achieve

Measuring success

It shouldn't be too difficult to measure correctness in terms of proper rhyming etc. as long as we stick to strict poetic structures.

But this looks like an arduous manual process, so a better solution needs to be found.